Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier is majestic. Simply majestic. You can view it from most places in Seattle and it is just glorious in its sight. It just stands apart and looks extremely powerful, yet so beautiful.

I went to the National Park with my family and we all loved the place. Unfortunately we did not have the time or strength to go hiking. And you get the best views if you hike a bit. We went to the usual visitor centers – the Paradise Point first, followed by Reflection Lake and finally Sunrise Point.

We went there in June, a month or two too early unfortunately. The famous wildflowers start growing by August and September only and the ice in the lakes melt away and you can get some excellent reflections of the mountain.

Before we reached the National Park, we checked out Clear Lake (the first few photographs) from where we had a great view of the mountain as well.

Hope to visit the Park sometime in September and shoot the wildflowers against the backdrop of the mountain!

My Gear:
Canon 40D, Sigma 10-20, CPL Polarizer.

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