Nikky was born and brought up in the southern-most state in India. Like many other youngsters his age, he spent most of his childhood days playing various sports and games. Oh, and studying in between. The creative side of his brain lay dormant for years and years, until he got into college. Then, in an unbelievable unsurprising turn of events, the logical side of his brain said, “bye bye”! During his college days, he became interested in Photoshop and Video Editing. He eventually started directing and editing Counter-Strike game videos featuring Indian and International players and was even considered to be one of the best in the country in that very, very, very “niche” field.

Once he managed to graduate successfully graduated from college, he was hired by one of the largest software firms in the world. A couple of years later, around mid 2009, photography grabbed hold of him. End of story. No, really! Now there is absolutely no looking back. He was selected in the top 6 inthe Better Photography & Nikon Photographer of the Year Awards in 2010 (from over 60,000 contestants) and was featured in the National Geographic Daily Dozen with his very first submission.

Nikky is currently based in Seattle, Washington. Besides checking the weather all the time hoping for those rare and much treasured sunny days in Seattle, he enjoys playing soccer, cricket, basketball, browsing for the next item to buy from Amazon.com, “planning” to improve his guitar skills and watching movies. Oh, and updating this website! However, unlike the others, Photography is not just his hobby; it is his passion.

Nikky specializes in Landscape, Wedding, Portrait, Concert Photography and Videography. You can expect creativity, professionalism, style and loads of fun from him!