On The Ferry

Seattle is most famous for her rains. It rains here almost nine months a year. The two months of summer we get are extremely precious. The summer officially started only in July, but it still hasn’t been TOO warm yet (except for just one week maybe). Until July, it was quite cold or cool or rainy.

But there are always exceptions; one fine Saturday in June was touted as the best day in Seattle since winter started last year. We took most of that opportunity to GET OUT. We took the ferry from Downtown Seattle to Bainbridge Island. It was quite the nice experience – the ferry. The island, au contraire, was… uhm… quite boring! There was a wharf, yes, and a couple of nice restaurants, but… nothing exciting, nothing new.

The ferry ride was the best part of the trip. I managed to get some nice photos of some sea gulls. They were flying about real close the ferry to try and ‘catch’ some food; they were literally catching food. Two gentlemen were throwing food (fish?) and they were full heartedly trying to catch them.

All the shots were taken with my Sigma 10-20. My first birding photoshoot was at 10-20mm!

On the way back, we passed by the infamous Gum Wall – an entire wall stuck with gum!

EDIT: I got my first Explore in Flickr with this shot. Weeeee! #143, but who cares! =)