Kerry Park, Seattle

Kerry Park, Seattle

Kerry Park is easily one of the most famous spots in Seattle. The view from the park comprises of two great Seattle landmarks – the Space Needle and Mount Rainier (on a clear day). The view at night is excellent as well with all of Downtown brilliantly lit up. By the way, this park was featured in the opening scenes of the movie ‘10 Things I Hate About You‘.

I went to the park with my buddies, Michael and Sanoj. We went to Alki Beach as well after this to shoot some long exposures in the night. The photo below is the most common composition from this park. I am not too contented with the shot, to be honest. I wanted to try something different by using my filters – a 10 stop ND and a CPL (besides a 3 stop GND), which are both 77mm filters. I went there prepared to use my longest focal length – 50mm (!). But as luck would have it, I left my 77mm to 58mm step-down adapter at home, thus preventing any shot with the filter on my 50mm f/1.4 lens. I did try several long exposures using my Sigma 10-20, but none of them came out good. Oh well…

Michael shooting the view at night:


The actual view at night:

Sanoj shooting the moon. LOL!

My favorite photo from the night below. This couple was just lost in their own world. In spite of all the people around them and one ‘pesky’ photographer shooting them several times, they didn’t budge. The moon, the view of the Downtown lights, his/her lover next to him/her… what more could you ask?

One more shot of them. This photo was used in a diptych which will be seen in my next post. Added a texture for effect.

I had posted two other shots from this park in an earlier post of mine:

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