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Project 86 (Live in Seattle)

Project 86 (Live in Seattle)

My second opportunity at concert photography and I loved it even more. Like I said in a earlier post – when two of my biggest passions meet, what can go wrong?

After attending a couple of a concerts where I was forced to shove my camera into coat check, I finally got another opportunity to shoot a concert – the Picket Fences Cartel Tour 2010 in Seattle. Project 86 was one of the first Christian rock bands I had ever listened to and I just had to attend this concert. Luck had it, I was able to move to any position around the stage to shoot and the lighting was just fantastic! As a surprise, they played some of their classics such as Me Against Me and One Armed Man!

The concert featured Project 86, Flatfoot 56, Wavorly and Fight the Current.

Here are some of my favorite photographs from that night.

Project 86 conducted a competition for the best photographs during their tour and the photo below won it. It will be featured in their Live DVD and I also got a free CD and tee. =)

And finally here’s one from Wavorly:

View My First Concert Shoot Featuring Skillet.

One thought on “Project 86 (Live in Seattle)

  1. […] This was my first Concert Photography experience and I totally loved it! When two of my biggest passions (Music and Photography) meet – what can go wrong? After attending more concerts later on, I realized that I was fortunate to be able to take my ‘big’ camera inside! Even after reaching a few hours early for my next concert in order to get a good view for photography and after I was just third in the line, I had to shove my bag into coat-check because my camera was too ‘professional’! I was able to attend only one more concert where they allowed DSLRs inside and that was the Project 86 concert which was quite a memorable one for me. More on that later! […]

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