TobyMac (Live in Seattle)

TobyMac (Live in Seattle)

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On Jan 28th 2011, TobyMac, Brandon Heath and The House of Heroes performed in Seattle as part TobyMac’s Winter Wonder Slam 2011 Tour. The concert was held in the Overlake Christian Church at Redmond.
TobyMac and the Diverse City Band’s performance has to be the most energetic and spirited performance I’ve ever seen. They were bouncing, jumping and rolling all over the stage! It was pretty kick-ass! I’ve been a fan of TobyMac ever since his DC Talk days and it was amazing to know that he is still a devoted and humble Christian.

But without a doubt, the most animated member was Shonlock. He was jumping and dancing all over the place. In fact, he even did a back flip from atop a stack of speakers at least 2 meters high! Crazy! Unlike the majority of the concerts that I have been to, there were a lot of kids here. Being probably the safest, cleanest, kick-ass concert parents can sent their kids to, I was not surprised. We also had the privilege of watching Brandon Heath coming back to the stage to sing one last song with Toby. (Disappointed with the ghosting created by the crowd at the bottom of the images)
One of my favorites from the night.
The crowd was very pumped as well with the performance. I love the facial expressions of the girl (towards Toby’s right) and the dude trying to ‘steal’ Toby’s hat! Haha! But Toby ain’t no dumb guy. He still holds on to the hat! =)
And that’s all from the show!

You can view all the photos from TobyMac’s performance below:

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